Sisterhood is forever

Delta Gamma has 230 alumnae chapters and associations where Delta Gammas from universities across the United States and Canada continue to celebrate our sisterhood.


Dallas Metroplex

If you live in the Dallas Metroplex, there are alumnae groups in all parts of the cities who meet regularly and are active with the Alpha Upsilon chapter. For more information, please visit:


Alumnae Advisory Team

The Alumnae Advisory Team for the Alpha Upsilon chapter of Delta Gamma includes Delta Gamma alumnae who live in Dallas and the surrounding areas. The advisers work alongside the collegians to support and guide them as they strive to fulfill their goals as women leaders in the chapter and on campus. Advisers also ensure that the chapter lives up to the high ideals of Delta Gamma and that policies and procedures are followed. Serving as an adviser is a rewarding way for alumnae to give back to Delta Gamma and a great way to meet alumnae from other chapters. Learn what it means to be an adviser.

If you are interested in learning about Alpha Upsilon’s Advisory Team, please contact Advisory Team Chairman Jenny Katlein at 


House Corporation Board

The House Corporation Board of Alpha Upsilon is responsible for providing a safe and suitable social environment for the collegiate chapter including the ownership, maintenance and management of our chapter house at 3120 Daniels, Dallas, TX 75225. The House Corporation Board is comprised of both alumnae and collegiate members and meets regularly to keep the house running smoothly.

If you are interested in learning more about the Alpha Upsilon House Corporation Board, please contact Amy Albrecht at


Chapter Newsletters


Read about all of the great things going on at SMU Delta Gamma on Facebook:


Alumnae/Chapter Events

  • Family Weekend: September 25-26
  • Anchorbowl:
  • Homecoming: October 23-24
  • Celebration of Lights Alumnae Event:

Alpha Upsilon Alumnae Awards:

  • Cable Award recipients: 35
  • Shield Award recipients: 6
  • Oxford Award recipients: 4
  • Loyalty Award recipients: 2

Distinguished Alpha Upsilon Fraternity Members

  • Jenny Katlein: Collegiate Development Consultant 2016-2017
  • Patricia Blount: Collegiate Development Consultant 2008-2009
  • Amanda Nalls Burgett: Collegiate Development Consultant 2000-2001
  • Karen Trowbridge Heldt: Collegiate Representative to Council 1982
  • Virginia Green Jordan: Collegiate Representative to Council 1970-1971
  • Christine Erikson Moore: Province Collegiate Chairman 1975-1979, Fraternity Awards Chairman 1979-1983
  • Michaela Bondon Pearce: Collegiate Development Consultant 2002-2003
  • Joanna Rosenow Shook: Alumnae Development Consultant 2008-2011, Tech e-ops Team 2011, Regional Collegiate Specialist 2010-current
  • Brenda Eisworth Wilder: Collegiate Representative to Council 1977-1978
  • Rebecca Brandt Wiseman: Collegiate Development Consultant 1989-1990
  • Paige Tucker Hyatt: Province Alumnae Chairman 1992-1993, Council Alumnae Representative 1990
  • Elizabeth LeBlanc Gray: PAC 1989-1993, Alumnae Consultant for Excellence 1993-1995
  • Carmela Martini: Province Collegiate Chairman 1991-1994, Director of Rush 1994-1999, VP: Membership 2000-2004, VP: Communications 2004-2006, National Panhellenic Conference Delegate 2007-current, Board of Advisers 2006-current
  • Amy Patterson Cardin: Field Consultant 1981-1982
  • Lisa Staley Elliott: Executive Offices Staff 1989
  • Helen Robinson Pratt: Executive Offices Staff
  • Jeannine Frazier Niemen: PAC 1985-1989
  • Cindy Hill Wolfe: Field Consultant 1983-1984
  • Betty Walther Robertson: PCC 1982-1987
  • Nancy Brock Motlong: PAC 1966-1969
  • Jane McDonald Price: PCC 1969-1971
  • Carolyn Ashcroft Newbold: PAC 1963-1965
  • Elloie Barkley Wilson: Province Secretary 1959-1960
  • Betty Bransford Weaver: Province Secretary 1955-1957
  • Dorothy Lee: PAC 1953-1957, Province Secretary 1950-1955
  • Ida Kinkead Oberg: Fraternity Mothers’ Club Chairman 1946-1949
  • Ludi Mai Sensabaugh Goode: Province Secretary 1938-1940